1.    New users are required to enter their activation pin, Click on returning students, fresh registration, enter activation pin,  then fill in your information required carefully and also add in your profile picture.
2.    After registration you can now log into the student portal by providing your Gouni Reg. no and password.
3.    You will be directed to a student page, where you can perform all your activities as a student of the university.
4.    Click on Register course
5.    Select your Section (e.g. - 2016/2017), Semester (e.g. First Semester/Second Semester) and Level (100L, 200L, 300L and 400L).
6.    You will receive directions according to your selection.
7.    The List of Courses for that Section will be provided. Click only on courses you are offering.
8.    Then click on register.
9.    If you want to print out your course registration form, click on print registered course.


                                                                                  Click here to begin